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Approval Code (MOHE & MQA):

N/345/3/0195 JPT/BPP (MQA/FA 2222)



The Foundation Programme (Management) aims to expose students to the basic functions of management. Students who graduate from this programme can continue their studies in any of the bachelor programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Entry Requirement

SPM / SPMV with 5 credits or other equivalent qualification

English Proficiency Requirement
Malaysian students who enroll into UNITAR Foundation and Diploma programmes, regardless of grade obtained in English Language at the SPM/SPMV level, are required to take all English courses as listed in the respective programme structures, beginning with English Proficiency Level 1.

English Proficiency Requirement for International Students
International students must possess the following minimum English Language proficiency requirement before being allowed to register for Faculty courses as listed in the respective programme structures:

TOEFL score of 450 or IELTS band of 4

The validity period for TOEFL and IELTS is two (2) years from the date of award.

Without such qualification, international students are required to register and pass Intensive English Programme. This English program will incur additional charges in addition to the respective Programme Fee.

* The University has the right to make any other decision as it deems fit.


Programme Requirement

The programme requires a minimum of 49 credit hours of course work. Students take courses namely in General Studies, Fundamentals of Management, Lifelong and Personal Development, History of Civilisation, Human Development, Ethics and Values and Law and Society.


Course Structure

1) English 1
2) Malaysian Studies
3) Bahasa Kebangsaan A
4) Introduction to Human Development
5) Fundamentals of Lifelong and Personal Development
6) Law and Society
7) English II
8) Islamic Studies or Moral Education
9) Economics and Society
10) History of Human Civilisation
11) Fundamentals of Management
12) English III
13) Co-curriculum
14) Critical Thinking
15) Business Ethics and Values


Course Distribution

Semester 1: 14 Credit Hours
ULC0014 Basic English
SIC0014 Fundamentals of Information Technology
SMC0014 Fundamentals of Business and Management
UGC0014 Basic Skills for Knowledge Workers

Semester 2: 9 Credit Hours
ULC0013 English 1
SEC0014 Economics and Society
UGC0012 Information Searching and Retrieval

Semester 3: 15 Credit Hours
ULC0123 English 2
SKC0004 Fundamental of Lifelong and Personal Development
SPC0024 Introduction to Human Development
SHC0044 History of Human Civilisation

Semester 4 : 12 Credit Hours
SNC0014 Fundamental of Statistics
SSC0004 Law and Society
SPC0014 Understanding the Brain and Human Intelligent

Total Total Credit Hours Completed: 50 Credit Hours

* Students who did well in English in SPM /SPMV Level may be exempted from English I and English II



The duration of the programme is between 1 to 1 1/2 years (3 to 4 semesters).



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