More Schools inviting Dr Morni to give Motivational Talk to 2017 SPM and STPM students. Print
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 14:13

Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman of SIDMA College Sabah and Sarawak) collaborated with respective District Education Officers, Secondary Schools Principals, School Counsellors as well as relevant district education agencies (e.g. Yayasan Sabah Regional Centre) to conduct motivational talk to secondary schools students who will be sitting for their 2017 SPM and STPM Public Examination soon, as part of his Corporate Social Responsibility of sharing and giving back to the general public.

This is also part of Dr Morni’s effort to compliment and supplement the various on-going motivational programmes conducted by Education Ministry, State and District Education Departments to enable opportunities for secondary school students, particularly from the rural setting, to communicate and interact directly with the corporate sectors, thus exposing them on related views, matters and issues regarding their secondary education, such as knowledge, skills and attitude that students got to learn, practice, reflect and develop, enable them to dream of a big career and brighter future ahead, as well as to empower them to be relevant and useful citizens of the country.

During his annual  “Gelombang Motivasi Perdana – Persediaan SPM and STPM 2017” Dr Morni mobilised his personnel and asset from the Corporate Relations and Business Development, Property Administration Department, Information Technology and Media Department to the various location where the activities were conducted to ensure that the students can benefit from the event conducted.

Dr Morni’s 2017 Motivational Seminar is as follows:

  1. 7 September 2017 at SMK Merpati Sandakan for students from the District of Sandakan.
  2. 12 October 2017 at SMK Padang Berampah, Sipitang for students from the District of Sipitang.
  3. 13 October 2017 at SM St Martin, Tambunan for students from the District of Tambunan.
  4. Kota Belud – Details to be announced soon
  5. Lahad Datu – Details to be announced soon

During the programme, Dr Morni who was a teacher by profession prior to transforming himself to a successful businessman in the sector of higher education institution; as well as being well known for being a unique motivational speaker; took the opportunity to emphasis to the students that whatever they want to do with their life in future, they need a good education background for every single one of those careers that they can think of. Thus, he reinforces the basic fact that students got to show up to their schools, pay attention and learn from their teachers, listen from their parents, relatives and close friends, and more important is to put in hard and smart work in order to succeed in education. They need to manage and divide their time between study, leisure and play properly to ensure that they have sufficient time for their studies, and thus can excel in their studies.

To motivate students for their upcoming SPM and STPM examinations, Dr Morni shared various skills and effective learning strategies such as priority management skills, creative and critical thinking skills, effective communication skills as well as practicing good and universal values to enable them to approach the examination questions tactfully.

He advised them to them to trust their teacher, believe in what they have taught them, formed study groups, and drew up a revision schedule for each day till the exam. They also need to pay more attention on the topics that they find difficult to grasp and ranked them accordingly. Students are also being advised to obtain and use past years question papers, mock and model bank questions, and set time while practicing answering it as if they were sitting their actual exam.

Dr Morni also advised the students to think of what’s next after their SPM or STPM examination. He advised students that it is very important for school leavers to make the right study choice for further education. “By finding out which field of study you are interested in, you will be able to determine a good career match for yourself”, he added.

Dr Morni also advised students to hope and dream big. “Your hopes and dreams can be the key to understanding who you are, what you want, and even how to reach your goals”. Thus he advised students to start their career planning with dreams. Dr Morni shared his own personal experience from being a humble village boy, selling home-made cakes to villages; and by holding on to his precious dream of earning his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and his strong personality to aim high, and that’s what brought him as he is today.

He described the challenging life he faced when he was young, as his father was then a pensioner and couldn’t sponsor his studies when he was in England doing his PhD in Entrepreneurship from Sterling University, England in 1990. Thus he had to work at a McDonald’s outlet in England to finance his tuition fee prior to receiving his PhD.

Dr Morni hoped that through such humble sharing, it could inspire students to focus on their individual characteristics from different prospective, develop the understanding that they got to develop new strength to overcome adversities and weaknesses faced, and able to progress and concentrate on their strength to overcome their weaknesses. He also advised students to be ready to seize the various opportunities and aids, such scholarships, financial loans, provided by the government and as well as various agencies to further the studies.

The event held at Sandakan, Sipitang and Tambunan was very well received by all the respective school management, teachers and students involved; and due to popular demand, every schools got to find strategies to limit the number of students from attending the function. The function were held in the school hall which can accommodate not more than 300 students during each meeting.

Dr Morni who received warm welcome from all the centres that he have visited, conveyed his special thanks to the respective District Education Officers, district community leaders, school principals, school counsellors, teachers parents and students for their strong support to ensure that such programme is efficiently conducted in order to ensure that it can benefit the students.

He also welcome Education Officers and school who would like to invite him to conduct such seminar to contact the Corporate Relations and Business Development Department of the college at 088-732 000 or 088-732 020. Dr Morni can be reached at 013-810 6201 for more information and enquiries.

By Teo Eng Seng and Zain Azrai Bin Mohd Noor,

SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah,