Accreditation & Approval Print

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor programmes

Approval code
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1711) 02/15 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1866) 04/15 (Distance Learning)
Bachelor of Management (Hons)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1710) 10/15 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1865) 10/15 (Distance Learning)
Bachelor of Education (Hons)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1704) 02/15 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1859) 02/15 (Distance Learning)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1746) 04/15 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1872) 04/15 (Distance Learning)
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1690) 02/15 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA2462) 11/15 (Distance Learning)

Diploma programmes

Approval code
Diploma in Management
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1709) 02/15 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1864) 04/15 (Distance Learning)
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1703) 08/14 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1883) 11/14 (Distance Learning)

Foundation programmes

Approval code
Foundation Programme in Management
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1742) (Conventional)

Postgraduate Programmes

Approval code
Master of Business Administration
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1712) (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1756) 04/14 (Distance Learning)
Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology) by Research
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1743) 02/16 (Conventional)
JPT/BPP (MQA/PA1743) 02/16 (Distance Learning)