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SIDMA Courses

Diploma Courses
 Diploma In Early Childhood Education (DECS) 
 Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health (DSAH)


UNITAR Courses

Foundation Courses
Foundation of Management (FBTA)

Diploma Courses
Diploma In Management (FBTA)

Bachelor Degree Courses
Bachelor of Education (Hons) (FESH)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons) (FESH)
Bachelor of Management (Hons) (FBTA)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (FBTA)

Master Courses
Master of Business Administration
Master of Education (Teaching of English as a Second Language)
Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Management)
Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)


CUCMS Courses

Diploma Courses
Diploma in Paramedic Sciences (FAHS)



 DECS - Department of Early Childhood Studies (SIDMA COLLEGE)
 DSAH - Department of Safety and Health (SIDMA COLLEGE)
FBTA- Faculty of Business Technology & Accounting (UNITAR)
FESH - Faculty of Education and Humanities (UNITAR)
FCT - Faculty of Culinary & Tourism (UNITAR)
FAHS - Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (CUCMS)

SIDMA Courses

SIDMA Courses are SIDMA College own courses and run by SIDMA College.

UNITAR and CUCMS Courses

UNITAR and CUCMS Courses are hosted by SIDMA College and SIDMA College is the Official UNITAR and CUCMS Sabah Regional Centre.