Great Accomplishments in the Teaching Profession Print
Saturday, 27 September 2014 16:33
William Butler Yeats stated, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

Being closely intertwined with the Bachelor of Education programme ever since 2007, we are sadden to see it come to its end. However, it is a joy to see our last batch of BEd students who majored in English & Literature, Mathematics, Commerce, and Counselling give their all to make sure the college still stands tall and proud.

Learning theories, philosophies, and teaching styles in a classroom is an essential part of our BEd students' life. I believe, their 3-month practical training in secondary schools actually opens up their eyes and minds about the teaching profession.

This is the time where our students get a taste of being a teacher and everything that goes along in a teacher's workload.

This is the time where theories, philosophies, and teaching styles are put to practice day after day.

This is the time where our students begin to realize that every single word that is being uttered, every reward or punishment, and every choice they make effects the lives of others.

This is the time when they realize that they are actually "students" again, learning a whole new different ballgame.

In our students, we have witnessed growth and a heart of compassion. They have all done us proud. They have held on, no matter how tough life was for them. They continued to inspire their secondary school students the best they know how. And, on the last day of their teaching practicum, our students were honoured by their students in respective schools. You see, the teaching profession is quite unique. The great accomplishments of a teacher is only felt after a period of time; after they have sown the seeds of light and life in their students' hearts; class after class, year after year. The day a teacher is remembered and honoured always outweighs all the heartache, endless nights of marking, extra hours of teaching, and long tiring days. It is certainly worth it!


Jo-Ann Tan and Teo Eng Seng.
SIDMA College,
UNITAR International University, Sabah.