If only... Print
Monday, 23 September 2013 09:39

Reflecting on One Drop's lyrics, it dawned on me that this could be a positive message for new and existing students starting another semester afresh with Sidma College.

If only you knew how your grades would affect you...

If only you knew that your past is in the past and to start anew for this semester...

If only you knew what a bright future awaits you...

If only you knew that every minute counts now and time should be wisely used...

If only you knew that a degree would give you your freedom in the real world; an equal shot to compete with the others...

If only you knew that as a student, your only duty now is to focus on your studies and learn to become an expert in your field. With your body of knowledge and experience gained in practical training, you should be able to step into the real world with confidence...

Helping Yourself

A school is a place of learning where a student is introduced basic learning skills of various subjects and languages. When the student moved forward to the halls of tertiary, learning is just one facet of life. Here, the student learns about discipline, responsibility, respect, managing emotions, team effort and decision-making. Students should acclimate to developing a mature character. The reason is because college life is demanding and exhilarating. This is your platform for developing intelligence; your grounds of preparation for the complexities of the world.

You must realize that, if not then, NOW!


Be firm in succeeding. Start off the semester with your goal for success. Know exactly what is expected of you and that you are prepared to handle it all. Do not take more than you can chew.

Attend class. As boring as you think the lecturer might be, your presence can make a difference. The good thing about attending class is that you know what is taking place and you can "pick one's brains during debates or discussions.

Read. Read notes. Read books. Read MORE! Reading exercises your brains. It boosts concentration. It expands imagination. You get to take a world tour in reading; learning more about people and culture. Hence, it broadens your knowledge and ideas resulting in better speech and penmanship.

Deadlines are vital. It shows that you respect the importance of ensuring that work is completed on time. Self-discipline is displayed. Effective exercise of time management is exhibited. All these essential ingredients are part and parcel of character-building.

Be honest to yourself, classmates, and lecturers. Integrity is a reflection of yourself and your family; values and principles you practice at home. Thus, have pride in your own work. Be proud in what you put in to accomplish what you have set out in the first place. Nothing feels superior than knowing that you have accomplished an assignment or a project by yourself. That way, your reputation will grow alongside you. Trust will follow when people begin to believe in you and enjoy working with you because you are genuine. Thereafter, confidence will gradually climb to the top of the ladder; as someone who believes in your own capabilities and would not be afraid to take on new challenges.

Cordially, Sidma College greets all students with a warm and grateful heart for this September semester of 2013. It is our heartfelt wish that students will have a rewarding semester. Do not let "if only" reign in your hearts, instead, be a student who knows precisely. May hard work, reflection, and growth live in you.

Jo-Ann Tan
SIDMA College