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Wednesday, 09 August 2017 12:11

The Unified English Club celebrated English language by holding their annual English week (31st July till 4th August 2017) where English related activities were organized. It was a week full of fun and excitement where students have had the opportunities to learn and use English language outside the classroom through engaging activities such as scrabbles, speech contest, treasure hunt and reader’s theatre contest. 

Throughout the week, students had showcased their inner talents in all of the activities.  The week began with Scrabbles Competition, where 4 teams consisted of two persons in each team competed for victory. It was a highly anticipated moment where the remaining champion, spelled their way to secure the crown once again for the third time in a row.   

The next day (1st August 2017) highlighted one of the most talked about event, which was the Speech Contest. A total of 11 students participated from Diploma in Early Children to Degree in Education, and the topics chosen ranged from 5 different themes respectively; Education, Social Media, Entertainment and Self-help. The participants captivated the audience with their own version of speech; each uniquely and confidently delivered, keeping the crowds and judges enthralled throughout the two hours. The competition was so intense that even the judges were having trouble in deciding the winner.  It was such an impressive competition that left the audience with wanting more. 

The third day, marked another favourite event which was Treasure Hunt. There were about 9 competing teams, with no more than 6 members in a group. Held around the campus, the teams must figure out the clues while battling their ways through challenging obstacles, testing them on their endurance, stamina and teamwork; and at the same time, getting away from the wandering Japanese ghosts that were out to disqualify them. Amazingly, the winners emerged as an all-girls team, beating out their competitors who were mostly boys.

On the 3rd August 2017, a Reader’s Theatre competition was held where teams could take their pick from 4 different themes according to their choices. Each 4 teams delivered their stories, only with the help of their scripts and minimal props to the enthusiastic audiences. The classroom came alive as the participants assumed the roles of characters, making them alive with creative voice modulation, tone and pitch control and impressive employment of emotive expression. What was more impressive, most of the participants were first timers and had never performed in front of a live audience, especially in English. The competition was thoroughly enjoyed and received great reviews both by judges and audiences who never experienced this type of storytelling before.  

The English week came to close with a closing ceremony, attended by Dr. Mornie Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman of SIDMA College), Mdm Azizah Khalid Merican, (CEO of SIDMA College), Mr. David Tiongin, (Chairman, SIDMA, Board of Governance), Mr. Lim Chin Tong, (Registrar, SIDMA College), the Head of Departments, staffs of SIDMA College as well as the committee members and participants.

Dr. Mornie Hj. Kambrie in his speech, emphasized the importance of learning and improving their English Language and taking parts in activities offered in English week will benefit the students especially in their careers in the long run. He also praised the wonderful efforts of the committee members, led by the programme director, Suliza Binti Muktar and the advisers of English Club, Ms Florence Ajadap, Ms Yvonne Barnabas. and Ms Constance Joy for their guidance and commitment in making the event a success. Dr Mornie also witnessed the presentation of prizes to the winners of each activity, starting from scrabbles, to speech contest, treasure hunt and last but not least, reader’s theatre contest.

The week had been a truly revolutionary, informative and entertaining one, witnessing the birth of hidden talents and achievements of students. It was amazing to see our students enjoying and participating in a whole range of activities, from scrabbles to reader’s theatre contest. Although it was regrettably short, it is hoped that everyone emerged wiser and more knowledgeable about English – a true celebration of the most widely spoken language in the world.

By Constance Joy and Yvonne Barnabas,

SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah,


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