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Monday, 31 July 2017 14:12

SIDMA College collaborated with CIMB Foundation and GEM Systems Sdn Bhd to conduct a financial literacy training programme for SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah students at SIDMA College on 25 and 26 July 2017. The programme, being the first of its kind, is aimed at providing fundamental financial literacy programme to Malaysian youths especially towards for SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah students. Realizing the importance of the programme, Mr Terence B. Stephen (Acting Head, Student Affairs Department (STAD) and assisted by the Student Representative Council (SRC) identified more than 70 candidates to receive first-hand information from the event. These students are expected to cascade their knowledge to all the college students through various group gathering sessions to be held throughout the year.

Key speakers of the event, Ms Syamsiah  Hamdin  (GEM Systems Sdn Bhd, Kuching) and Ms Christine Chan (GEM System Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur) stressed that the basic focus of the training is to equip participants with a wide range of money management lessons such as delayed gratification, goal setting with Financial IQ, Risk Assessment and Profiling, Property Investment, Debt Management, Financial Lifestyles Changes, Unit Trust Investments, Wealth Multiplier Lifestyle, Budgeting and Tracking, Share Investments, Financial and Investment Planning, and more; for the participants to prepare themselves and able to move forward a smooth and successful  life journey especially upon getting their own salary/income.

The two days’ workshop kicked-off with the speakers highlighting some statistical figures on the current Bankruptcy rate in our country, and encouraged the participants to reflect their current lifestyle financial management, as well to orient themselves and make the necessary lifestyle changes needed in order to be more financially independent; thus indirectly mitigating the growing number of bankruptcy among youths today.

The workshop itself is both engaging and entertaining as it combines very fundamental interactive lectures with fun simulation games such as Property Investment Games, Unit Trusts Investment Game, Shares Investment Game, and more; and the participants reacted positively throughout the two days’ workshop.

Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman, SIDMA College) during the closing session thanked the programme coordinator, Ms Julia Layam Empari (GEM Systems Sdn Bhd) for the comprehensive module and the very informative training programme. BeSMART Financial Intelligence Programme is a very recently launched programme, and till to date, only 9 of such training sessions have been conducted for Sabah and Sarawak by GEM Systems Sdn Bhd; and Dr Morni thanked Ms Julia for giving priority to SIDMA College Sabah and Sarawak for being among the first 9 centres in the region to receive such training.

He also conveyed his special appreciation to Mr David Lo (Manager, CIMB Bundusan Branch) and Ms Siti for their valuable time to present themselves during the plenary discussion on related local financial issues with the workshop participants. Dr Morni also conveyed his thanks to Mr Abdul Rashid Abd Rahman (CIMB Foundation Coordinator) for the holistic financial literacy programme to facilitate and shaping the Malaysian youths of today.

Dr Morni also took this golden opportunity to emphasize to the participants on the management and the usage of their PTPTN study loan, and later when starting their career, plan on proper usage of their salary as well as the settlement of their study loan, and other related loan before incurring into more debts such as on expensive car, house loan and more.

He also thanked Mr Terence for the smooth coordination of the event and congratulated the students for being selected to participate in this dynamic event. He hoped these students will be cascading this very important to the other students efficiently.

He also announced that Bank Negara Malaysia will be conducting the first of its kind Financial Carnival at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall  from 4th – 6th August 2017, to further educate and expose the general public on proper financial management. He added that SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah will participate in the programme, and that majority of the participants are expected to be selected from the current participants based on certain criteria to be determine by STAD.

Most of the event participants found the programme very useful and important as it has equip them with the right knowledge, habits and mind-set on how to take charge of their finances and achieve financial independence. They all hope that they be given opportunities to attend more of such future courses.

By Teo Eng Seng and Mr Zain Azrai Bin Mohd Noor,

SIDMA College City Campus,


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