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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 09:02

Kadazan Language Public Speaking and Conversational Class for the second cohort, that was recently organised by SIDMA Kadazandusun Language Club at SIDMA College, which began on June 4th 2017 quickly came to an enjoyable ending last Sunday; 16 July 2017.

This cohort saw interesting personalities such as Miss Kerinah Mah (Sabah Kaamatan Queen 2017), Miss Allysa Jimeh (candidate for Bazad-bazad Papar 2017), Miss Elena Laurel Moujing (recently crowned Miss Sabah Air 2017), and Miss Sherrylyn Jane R. Pailus (Miss Sabah Earth Fire 2017) were among the more than 20 participants who registered to participate in the programme. Their presence added meaning and vigour to the event and all the participants anxiously attended and participated in all the activities set, without the slightest worry about their mastery of the Kadazan language.

Ms. Juliana Jimis, (Chairlady, Kadazan Society Sabah, Putatan Branch) with her dynamic skills and personality and her excellent command of the language, seized the opportunity and conducted various group activities based programme and immersed these eager participants to learn the language by having the fun and play element. All the participants were given a Kadazan nickname that suit their personality, and they were required to role-play their role well.

During closing ceremony, Dr Mornie Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman SIDMA College as well as Patron to the SIDMA Kadazandusun Language Club) and Mr David Tiongin Lumbok (Chairman, SIDMA College Kadazandusun Language Club) due to other official commitment that they had committed earlier were represented by Madam Brenda Alexius Liaw. She thanked all the participants for their commitment to attend the Second Cohort of the “16 Hours Kadazan Language Challenge” without fail despite it being held in the weekend during the months of Ramadhan and Syawal.

She also congratulated Ms. Juliana for her excellence skills and creativity in conducting the session single-handedly as well being able to attract personalities to the course.

SIDMA Kadazandusun Language Club thanked Dr Morni for allowing the course to be held at SIDMA College premise and using its existing facilities without any charges as well as subsidising the light refreshment held throughout the programme whereby the coordination of the light refreshment and venue was done by Madam Brenda Alexius Liaw.

SIDMA Kadazandusun Language Club welcome the general public to register themselves for the upcoming SIDMA Kadazan Language Public Speaking Intensive courses. The September 2017 intake will be offered soon and participants will be selected on “first come first serve basis”. Interested parties are welcomed to contact the following SIDMA KadazanDusun officers for enquiries and registration exercise.

  1. Mr Bonaventure Wences : 088-732 186
  2. Mr Dellson J Joingin : 088 732 000 Ext 244
  3. Ms Sylla Severinus : 088-732 000 Ext 221
  4. General Line : 088-732 020
  5. Fax : 088-732 015



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