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Monday, 10 July 2017 18:17


Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman, SIDMA College) launched the Semester June 2017 English Enhancement Programme (EEP) for the new semester students at SIDMA College on 6 July 2017. The programme is one of the college Corporate Social Responsibility to assist targeted students in the four main linguistics skills, namely speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. A total of 67 students have been identified to join this tailor-made programme to build their confidence of using English as a language of communication, especially in their study and daily communication

During the launching of the event, Dr Morni advised these students not to feel inferior about their English proficiency as the college always have plans to assist them. He added that the college acknowledged the basic fact that all students are different with respect to their family background, interests, temperament, needs and more; and this contribute to the command of their mastery on English.

EEP, a 28 contact hour programme (for Semester June 2017) is a unique ACE English Programme of SIDMA College (brainchild of Madam Jenifah Abdullah) to provide equity to students who lack confidence in using English as a language of communication. Through this initiative the facilitator will be using different teaching and learning strategies to scaffold and assist students in their pursuit of being excellent in their English language usage.

He thanked and congratulated Madam Jenifah for her initiative, knowledge and experience to develop the unique curriculum (to the extent of using her own expenses both time and money) as well as her willingness to facilitate and guide these selected students; and Dr Morni hope that these students will fully benefit and continue practicing the language.

Madam Jenifah Abdullah, a former Senior English Language Officer with the Sabah State Education Department, and who had attended as well conducted numerous intensive English Language Teaching and Learning courses during her past 38 years of service with Sabah State Education Department, took the opportunity to thank Dr Morni and the Management of SIDMA College for giving her the opportunity to provide tailor-made curriculum to assist these selected students. She hope that through such initiative, the students who are mainly from the rural setting will find the language meaningful, will develop an attachment towards the language, and as future teachers they are able to encourage the use of English among their students.

She added that for this cohort of students, she planned to provide more hands-on activities, forum and discovery learning whereby students will be given opportunities to interact with non-Bahasa Malaysia speakers (especially tourists) to get information needed for their projects. These group of students will be dropped off at an identified shopping mall by the college bus, and they got to approach and talk to foreigners in order to complete their projects, and then report their findings and reflection during the following meeting in the class.

Also present during the event were Madam Azizah Khalid Merican (CEO) and Mr Louis Jais (Academic Manager).

For further information about EEP, please call us at 088-732 000 / 088-732 020 or visit our SIDMA Website.

By Madam Jenifah Abdullah and Teo Eng Seng,

SIDMA College City Campus,


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