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Monday, 13 February 2017 14:21
SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah Chinese New Year Gathering 2017.

There was a Chinese New Year festive air at SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah as the U-SIDMA Chinese Language Society (UCLS) collaborated with the management of SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah and organised a Chinese New Year Celebration at SIDMA College Atrium on 9th – 10th February 2017, just two days ahead of the Chap Goh Mei, the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. Mr Yee Chee Hwa, President UCLS) and members of the society were ever ready to welcome SIDMA staff and students coming for the event during the two festive days.

The event kicked off on 9th February with an UCLS Mini Bazaar promoting and sharing popular traditional Chinese New Year delicacies, such as  tangyuan or tang yuan; a traditional Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour mixed with small amount of water to form balls (both filled or unfilled), before cooked and served in boiling water.

Yee Chee Hwa, during his welcoming address, announced that the objectives of the celebration was to bring together SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah and SIDMA subsidiaries particularly SIDMA Didi Childcare, Fiona Tour and Tours, and Bentleytel staff, as well as students, to celebrate the festival together as one big family as well as to materialize the spirt of 1Malaysia among all the college citizens.

He added that UCLS was formed during the middle of last year, and among some its planned programme is the introduction of both conversational Chinese as well as Chinese writing to those interested (staff and students) at a minimum cost.

Dr Morni Hi Kambrie, Founder and Chairman SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah, who started of his officiating speech in Chinese-Hokien dialect, expressed joy that the college community could feel the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year 2017 celebration. Dr Morni who is a strong believer of progressive education, as well as having a great heart for people of all races and cultural backgrounds, emphasised that SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah is a miniature multicultural society whereby staff for students from numerous cultural and religious background meet, live, study and interact together; and he encouraged each to learn and benefit the good and positive values that are being practiced by the others.

To add colours to the celebration, a special two-hour “Lion and Dragon with Rooster Dance” performance from Wan San Long Yi Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Bundusan Square, Kota Kinabalu was held at the campus to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Fiery Rooster, amidst cheers and applauses from the students and staff of SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah.

A troupe of five lively and adorable Lions and a fiery Rooster danced, marched and  graced the college compound, as well as all the main administrative department, amidst the beating of drums, cymbals and gongs; ushering and spreading good luck for the rest of the year; The Lions, which symbolise power, wisdom, and good fortune, together with the Rooster also ushered everlasting cheers, happiness, liveliness, courage, peace, prosperity, good luck, longevity and friendship among the SIDMA College community, stakeholders, families, relatives and friends throughout the year of Rooster.

SIDMA staff and students watched in awe as the Lion leaped cross stilts, from one to another, performing their acrobatic manoeuvres, and gasped as it feigned falling over, thus capturing the attention of the much amazed kids from SIDMA Didi Childcare as well from the audience of staff and students.

Oher than a crouching Lion presenting lucky word created using mandarin oranges and pomelo to celebrate the occasion, the leaping lion performed the “split out the green” as a symbolic gesture of its blessing - delivering of prosperity and abundance of everything to SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah, specifically to Dr. Morni (Chairman) and the management team, staff, students, families, relatives and friends.

Finally, while still crouching and balancing on pillars, the Lion presented a Prosperity Scroll to Dr Morni, Chairman of SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah,

To make things even more unique the Wan San Long Yi Dragon dance team took their turn manipulated and performed a long figure of a Dragon Dance using poles positioned at regular intervals along the length of the dragon amidst the delightfulness of the exciting audience. The Dragons are believe to possess qualities such as great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness, and , like the Lion Dance, the Dragon Dance is also believed to bring good luck to SIDMA college UNITAR Sabah  community. It is believed the longer the dragon in the dance, the more good luck it will bring to the citizens it visited.

The gathering was made even merrier with all guests had the opportunity to have a go at a lucky draw that offered various Chinese New Year hampers.

Dr Morni, Puan Azlina Ngatimin (Director, Corporate Relations and Business Development), Puan Azizah Khalid Merican (CEO), Managers and Heads of Departments wish A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to all lecturers, staff, students, relatives and friends.

By Teo Eng Seng and Zain Azrai Bin Mohd Noor,

SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah,



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