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Friday, 10 February 2017 08:52

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UNITAR-SIDMA 10 KM Charity Fun Run 2017, the highlight of UNITAR-SIDMA Fitness Carnival 2017 was flagged off by Tuan Hj Ag Damit Hj Awang Anak, (Permanent Secretary of Sabah Minister of Youth and Sports) on behalf of Honourable Datuk Haji Tawfiq Bin Datuk Haji Abu Bakar Titingan (Sabah Minister of Youth and Sports) at 6.30 am on Sunday February 5th, 2017 at Likas Sports Complex Kota Kinabalu.

Tuan Hj Ag Damit was welcomed and accompanied by Prof Arfah Salleh (Vice Chancellor UNITAR International University), Mr Nik Mohamed Sharifidin NM Din (CEO UNITAR Capital), Dr Mornie Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman SIDMA College), Puan Azizah Khalid Merican (CEO SIDMA Sabah), Puan Azlina Ngatimin (Director, Corporate Relations and Marketing Development), Mr. Penyuki Matta (General Manager, Sabah Sports Board), Puan Rohayu Rosnani (Head of Finance, UNITAR Capital), Managers as well as Heads of Departments and staff SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah and Sarawak, amidst cheers and applauses from more than 1,000 enthusiastic runners.

The two days carnival (4-5th February 2017) at the complex acted as a platform for the fitness community to experience, share, compete and enjoy themselves in numerous sports, and also for various local exhibitors to showcase their products or services in the hope to create public awareness towards a healthy lifestyle by keeping active and fit; which is very much in line with UNITAR-SIDMA College’s believes in promoting a balanced academic programme and sports life.

Through this fitness carnival it was hoped to create greater awareness on the need for more Malaysian to care about fitness to overcome all the lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, as well as other heart-related illness. Furthermore, this would assist in promoting as well as nurturing a stronger and healthier community; apart from building up a sporting society in order to acquire and cultivate much more sports talents for our country, particularly among the current youths.

Other than the 10KM Fun Run, a host of various sporting activities and competition with attractive prizes were held beginning 4th February 2017; such as Consumerace, SIDMA K1 Kickboxing Amateur (Fight Fist) Competition, Functional Athletics, Double Dart Competition, and Fitness Dance; to determine the finalists for the final competition held on 5 February 2017. It was then followed by the Battle of the Band which was held on second day of the event.

Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman SIDMA College) on behalf of UNITAR International University and SIDMA College Sabah, took the opportunity to convey his sincere “Thank you” and appreciation to Hon. Datuk Taufiq Bn Datuk Haji Abu Bakar Titingan and the Sabah Youth and Sports Ministry for their collaboration to the launching of the UNITAR-SIDMA Fitness Carnival 2017. He too thanked Hon. Datuk Yeo Boon Hai and Kota Kinabalu City Hall for his valuable time spent during the two-day event. Aside from that, he also thanked Kota Kinabalu City Hall and Sabah Sports Board for their full support, collaboration and corporation to assist the implementation of the 10KM Run, as well as the Fitness Carnival, and look forward to further working together again in the very near future.

He too, extended his special appreciation to Mr Mohammad Syahrizal @ Rico Bin Izhar of KK Event House Sdn Bhd (Official Main Sponsor and organiser) for constructing and building canopies for all the booths as well as for the supply of other basic facilities such as sound system and power generator to supply electrical power throughout the two days event. Dr Morni also thanked all the other sponsors, and co-organisers such as Fight Fest (SIDMA K1 Kickboxing), Mr Charlie Beatly (Double Dart Cpmpetition), Ms Barbie Jackie Whitey (Fitness Dance), Online FM (Battle of the Band), Dr Roddy Teo (Functional Fitness), 100 Plus, Kupikupi FM, KS Sports & Gifts, Suria Shopping Hall, and many more co-sponsors, as well as related individuals for their commitments and collaborative efforts to make the event successful.

Dr. Morni, overwhelmed by the huge turnouts and participation from the public during the two days carnival, expressed his thanks and acknowledgement to all the participants overwhelming supports and for making the event a great success. He too congratulated all the winners and encouraged them to cultivate their talents to greater heights.

During the closing ceremony, Hon. Datuk Yeo Boon Hai (Mayor, Kota Kinabalu City Hall) was given the honour to present all prizes to the winners.

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Dr Morni also relayed his deepest gratitude to the PDRM (Traffic), RELA Services, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (JPAM), volunteers and to each and every one who had contributed to the success of the event. He said this is a wonderful collaboration of people, corporate and social sector, and thanked all of those who had been involved for their willingness to come together and make this a great community event.

He also thanked all SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah and CUCMS staff and students as well as staff from SIDMA subsidiaries such as Fiona Travel & Tours, Bentleytel Malaysia and SIDMA Didi Childcare Centre staff for their dedications and sacrifices to make the event a truly successful one

He added that by supporting this event, participants had played a huge role in contributing to the community, and thus enabling this UNITAR-SIDMA Fitness Carnival 2017 Organising Committee to successfully raise a substantial fund to assist the Al-Mughni Orphanage.

By Teo Eng Seng, Yvonne Barnabas and Zain Azrai Bin Mohd Noor.

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