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Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:46

As the year 2016 began to draw its curtain down, most of us would look back and reminisce about the memories that we made during the whole year. For those who joined Everyone’s A Santa SIDMA College 2016 Christmas Charity Programme, December, 23rd has definitely left its mark on the team and the 132 children celebrated at the Sabah Women and Children Hospital, Kota Kinabalu.

The day kick-started at 10:30 am in the morning with a short briefing by the programme’s head of gifting event, Ms Rettie A Michael, to the team, consisted of 17 staff from different departments respectively, (lecturers, finance, hostel, registrar and counselling and more).

Wrapped presents and goodies were then loaded into the van and exactly at 11:40 am, volunteers began to make their way to the hospital. Upon arrival, the team were greeted by Matron Mary Majikon, the Head Nurse of Paediatrics Department and her staff and led to a playroom in Melur 1 ward. This was where the magic happened.

Banners were hung, and the Santa boxes were filled with gifts. Puan Azizah Khalid Merican, CEO of SIDMA College UNITAR International University Sabah, as well as Puan Rukidah Ruddin, Manager of Finance Department were also there to give their support to this wonderful programme. As a number of children started to be led into playroom, it was evident how excited they were looking at the presents and Santa.

As everyone took their seats, Nur Misuary Noor Salleh, the programme coordinator gave a brief speech about the purpose of this programme, especially highlighting on the celebration of every children in the room. It was a fun-filled event as children had fun doing activities from chicken dance to singing of Christmas songs together with the staff.

The team was then divided into two groups where gifts were presented to every child in Melur 1, Melur 2 and Kenanga wards, where they were hosting the rest of the children. About 4:30pm, all 132 children had received their presents and goodies.

Before ending the programme, the team headed back to the playroom for a short tea session with Matron Mary and photography session.  Matron Mary expressed her thanks and gratefulness on the programme and hoped to see more of the team again in the near future.

As the programme came to its end, everyone expressed their satisfaction and excitement to join the next “Everyone’s A Santa” Version 2.

By Yvonne Barnabas,

SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah.


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