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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 00:02

Everyone’s a Santa 2016 SIDMA College Charity Program 

Program Profile


Everyone’s A Santa is a program that encourages the act of giving and joy of sharing among fellow staff, students and public by giving back to the less fortunate. This charity program is proposed by the program director himself, Mr Nur Misuary Noor Salleh based on his experience while studying overseas, where his university organized the same charity concept during the Christmas season. Appealed by the act of giving to the less fortunate, he then used the same concept for this program, and this time focusing on children. Christmas season is undoubtedly special and definitely magical, especially for young children. This is why the program chose Sabah Women and Children Hospital Likas, Kota Kinabalu, to celebrate the children who cannot make it back home during this festive season.  


 The programme aims to celebrate the act of giving and sharing during this festive season as well as highlighting the spirit of unity and diversity embraced by SIDMA College.  The name itself, “Everyone’s A Santa” serves as the main motto for the programme. Everyone is encouraged to give or contribute through non-perishable items such as toys, stationeries, canned food, new children clothes, and items which can be categorized under non-perishable.  Another purpose for this programme is to also bring smile to children and their families as well as lighten up their mood, during this wonderful season. Aside from that, this acts as one of the platform for a new volunteer club under SIDMA.       

The Santa Box 

Approximately nine boxes are constructed using recyclable boxes, and assembled together by the team which are led by Mr Arnin Asidin and Ms Nur Shafiqah Usno. These boxes are then decorated with Christmas theme and served as a place for people to place their donations. 

Santa Boxes Location 

Several locations are identified, and boxes are placed after obtaining approval from the owner of the places.  

Type of Location 

 It is agreed that the boxes be placed in locations that are available to the public, such as churches, shopping malls, SIDMA College and companies.   

Current Location 

The boxes are now distributed and located in several places, such as churches, shopping malls, companies, and even in our very own state library, stated as follows:  


·         United Pentecostal Church Sabah (UPC) 

o   Kota Kinabalu branch  

o    Penampang branch 

·         Seventh Day Adventist Mission Of Sabah, Tamparuli  Sabah 

·         Stella Maris Church Tanjung Aru, Sabah 


Shopping Malls 

·         Oceanus Waterfront Mall 


Other Locations 

·         Sawit Kinabalu  Sdn Bhd.  

·         Kota Kinabalu City Hall 

·         Sabah State Library, Penampang branch 


Pick Me Ups 

This program also encourages and allows participants to have their own collections and contribute in their own way to the programme. For example, this is done as a support from Kadazandusun Cultural Association, Sabah towards this program, where they are having their own money collection as donations. 



Everyone’s a Santa 2016 SIDMA College Charity Program is another one of the efforts by SIDMA to encourage the joy of giving and sharing, as well as to promote volunteerism amongst us for a better caring and harmonious community.


By Yvonne Bernabas and Nur Misuary Noor Salleh,

SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah,



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