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Friday, 09 December 2016 15:19

The Third SIDMA College Convocation 2016 was held on the 2nd December 2016 at the Grand Ballroom, Pacific Sutera Hotel Kota Kinabalu, which saw a total of 54 graduates ready to embark on rewarding career in Early Childhood Education sector. Prof. Dr. Bustam Kamri, a renowned Early Childhood Education Specialist was given the honour to officiate the grand event in front of the esteemed attendees of industrial professional, among them were Chairman and CEO of various private higher learning institution in Sabah that were invited by the Founder and Chairman of SIDMA College Sabah and Sarawak, Dr. Morni Hj Kambrie.

Established since 1998 in Sarawak, SIDMA College had broaden its wing to Sabah in 2002, which heralded the beginning of early childhood programme back in 2009 through its home-grown Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Apart from that SIDMA offered other programmes from several other higher institutions through its collaboration with UNITAR International University, Malaysia University of Science and Technology and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences in various field tailored to fulfilled the demand of the growing economic of Malaysia from diverse industries.

The Convocation witnessed 54 graduates from various parts of Sabah and Sarawak including those from the rural areas receiving their scrolls in Diploma in Early Childhood Education marked their hard work in achieving a university level qualification through the course of two and a half years period. 

Prof. Dr Bustam in his officiating speech praised SIDMA College for being one of the leading private higher learning institutions that integrate e-learning with the conventional learning that enabled the students to benefit from flexible resource and could easily adapt to the changing era of the 21st century. He believed the graduates could contribute to the nation’s human capital development by utilizing the lesson and experience gained throughout their studies complimented by sharing from seniors in their professional industries. He reminded that graduates should take the responsibility as an educator with all their heart as they have been trusted with it. 

During the convocation, Elein Luin, a registered Private Pre-School owner from Tamparuli, Sabah received the ‘2016 SIDMA College Best Student Award’ for her outstanding academic performance throughout her study. She has shown outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment and intellectual development through her academic years. She has disciplined herself and remained focus on work while still performing her study and balancing her family life of being a wife and mother to four children. She dedicated her success and gratitude to her mother, Mdm. Julianah Juani for the continuous support throughout her study especially in caring for her children, and to her husband, Mr. Lee Jyh Viu for supporting her day and night to study in completing the coursework

The same convocation also observed ‘2016 SIDMA College Chairman Award’ was given to two graduates from Sabah and Sarawak to Leonni Johnny and Nursafiah Binti Mukitdi for their outstanding academic performance as well as demonstrating exemplary effort in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

According to Prof. Dr Morni, SIDMA College pride itself for producing marketable graduates since the first convocation back in 2014 who are well equipped with the academic and practical knowledge to tackle the 21st century challenges particularly in the early childhood education sector. He said the whole college looks forward to the annual convocation event as it rejoiced the support, collaboration and bonding established especially between the staff and graduates. He also said that SIDMA College recognized that the demand early childhood education industry for graduate with the right knowledge as well as soft and hard skills. Hence the curriculum were tailored according to this demand which explained almost 100 percent of its graduate landed their first job right after the completion of their studies. He added that the graduates should join the Alumni and continue to support and contribute to fulfill SIDMA College vision in producing quality graduates.

Dr. Morni ended his speech by acknowledging the need for education to play its role in empowering individual to face any challenge or obstacle and instill the sense of responsibility to develop their wellbeing and contribute to the national development through lifelong learning even after graduating.

By Zain Azrai Bin Mohd Noor and Teo Eng Seng.

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