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Friday, 16 March 2012 20:20

The CEO, Prof. Dr. Morni Hj Kambrie conveys his sincere gratitude and thanks to Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran (SPP) for listing Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (BUA905) in its e-Permohonan application.

Bachelor of Education (Hons) graduates from UNITAR Sabah Regional Centre, who have been waiting patiently for this precious moment, can now apply to be teachers in government school through its e-Permohonan online at the SPP website.

However, much to the delight of all the graduates, it is understood that this premier intake by the SPP is only meant for B.Edu graduates who have been officially appointed and served as Guru Sandaran Terlatih in the government school.

Unirazak Sabah graduates who fulfilled these criteria are invited to apply immediately by login into the SPP website at http://www.spp.gov.my/

With this new development, all B. Edu (Hons) graduates who are keen to be teacher in government schools need to keep track on both the Ministry of Education Website (http://www.spp.gov.my/ ) and the SPP website ( http://www.spp.gov.my/ ) and to look for further information regarding their application and to make their application accordingly.

Meanwhile, all B. Edu (Hons) graduates are gently reminded that they should not be relying entirely on the Ministry of Education for their appointment. This is because, the retirement age, as announced by the Prime Minister in the Budget 2012 has been extended from 58 to 60 years beginning January 2012. This means that there will be less teachers retiring from January 2012 till January 2014.

All graduates are advised to look into other alternatives for employment. To be more proactive and to apply the knowledge and skills learned by doing something related to education.

Bachelor of Education graduates who would like to know more about their online application at SPP / MOE website may contact:

Ms Norizan Ahmad
Secretrariat, UNIRAZAK Sabah B. Edu Alumni
Tel: 088-732000/732020/732012
Fax: 088–732019/732 015

Teo Eng Seng
SIDMA College

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